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Aspyre Robotix, a proud StartupIndia Recognized company, is driven by a vision to empower individuals with cutting-edge knowledge in Robotix and XR technologies. Our journey began in 2022, and since then, we have been dedicated to cultivating a culture of curiosity, creativity, and technological prowess.

🎓 Recognition

Aspyre Robotix proudly holds recognition from StartupIndia, a testament to our commitment to innovation and entrepreneurship. We are honored to be part of the vibrant startup ecosystem, contributing to India's technological growth.

About Me


Nagarjuna Vatti

Founder, Aspyre Robotix

AR-VR Engineer | Unity3D | Unreal XR developer | AR/VR Instructor


I am Nagarjuna Vatti, Founder of Aspyre Robotix
I am IIT ROORKEE certified unity 3D, AR/VR developer and AICTE certified Unreal 5.0 developer. I taught over 3000+ students in last one year (2023) by conducting AR/VR and game dev workshops across different colleges like in India like VIT Vellore, SIMATS Eng college Chennai, IITs, NITs etc. I hold a unique talent for teaching and making students learn concepts in fun and interesting ways. I have also worked as freelance AR/VR instructor for BARC (Bhabha Atomic Research Center) thereby receiving outstanding reviews for my teaching techniques. 

Join us in this exciting journey of exploration, innovation, and learning. Discover the endless possibilities that Robotix and XR technologies offer with Aspyre Robotix – Where Passion Meets Innovation!

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